App-v client tip – unable to run PS scripts without admin privileges?

Just noticed this on the test VDI was working as quite a lot of app-v sequences have dependencies on external powershell scripts. Noticed on migrating these sequences to Windows 10 had issues with running App-v apps which included sequences that had external powershell scripts that were being called wouldn’t work unless I logged on with […]

Unable to start app-v client in Windows 10 (build 1603)?

Working on testing app-v packages using Flexera AdminStudio test machine facility (quite nifty actually) and by default was picking up errors using the App-v launcher relating to the app-v client service not being started. Manually starting the service didn’t bring any joy (another error with a -214 code). Fix for this was simple enough in […]

Enabling logging for troubleshooting app-v issues in your citrix environment

When troubleshooting App-v issues in your citrix environment one of the first usual port of calls will be to enabling logging. To enable Studio and VDA logs used for App-V, you must have administrator privileges. You will also need a text editor such as Notepad. To enable the Citrix Studio logs: Create the folder C:\AppvLogs. […]

App-v tip : how to easily flush app-v cache

One command that is handy to know when hitting app-v issues is the ability to flush the app-v cache – below are the steps necessary to achieve this task: On your Windows 8.x machine, log in with any account that has local administrator permissions. Start | run | cmd.exe | powershell.exe and  enter the following commands: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned […]

App-V troubleshooting tip: hitting issues with app-v apps in a citrix environment?

Can be a bit of challenge for app-v newbies when troubleshooting issues relating to app-v particularly if using them in a SCCM/App-V setup in a citrix environment as there is a number of moving parts at play. One simple tip to help you encountering issues relating to app-v launches is to open up the level […]

Image prep best practice: Flush your app-v client cache prior to seal

Flushing the App-V client cache When creating a base operating  image for deployment to computers and you are including the App-V client might inadvertently launch an App-V application by mistake before you’ve completed capturing the image), you might find that the package is included in the capture and thus bloats the image unnecessarily. By flushing the App-V […]

App-v 5.x and citrix profile management – don’t forget them exclusions!

tripped me up this one recently. Had an issue whereby we have a “follow the user” model in place where users can still have made available to them applications delivered to them via SCCM user collection when they logon to a citrix published desktop environment. Noticed over time that more and more users complained of […]