Citrix How to – Add a hosting connection in the Studio MMC to your Azure hosted Virtual Machines

Citrix How to – Add a hosting connection in the Studio MMC to your Azure hosted Virtual Machines Advertisements

Getting hangs/slow performance on your window server? try DebugDiag

Have used this handy tool in the past to help some of the above scenario’s. A little lesser known than some of its counterparts (windbg etc) but still very useful Download link  

Ever used WS2012 r2 feature Work folders? here’s how to setup in 2 easy steps

Work folders is a feature new to windows server variants 2012 r2 or later. Allows users to have their work data synchronized across all of their machines whether its tablets,laptops,desktops etc. Very much akin to Skydrive Pro but what is useful about work folders is that it can help integrate your existing file servers into […]

Hyper-v tip: Adjust the shutdown time of your clustered host to avoid VM downtime issues

The benefit of doing this in a clustered environment when shutting down a node for maintenance there is always the risk that VM’s do not get live migrated in time before the node restarts. Adjusting the shutdown time gives more leg room for the node to evacuate all VM’s off it before restart. 15 minutes […]

Quick windows 2008 r2 tip: how to enable multiple monitors in 3 ways

Quite simple this one – thought picture would say a 1000 words and all that. On the left hand side is the configuration from within the MSTSC GUI, the middle is obviously command-line and on the right is if you need to configure within an .RDP file

WinSrvr 2012 r2 tip: getting “Task Scheduler “A task or folder with this name already exists” ?

Have seen this pesky one in the past with 2008 r2 as well. Can get this sometimes when you try and create a new Scheduled Task via the command line (schtasks.exe), the following error appears: “WARNING: The task name “<>” already exists. Do you want to replace it (Y/N>?” followed by when you hit Y, then […]

Ever need to convert your VMware snapshots to memory dumps? here’s how

As most VMware admins should probably know vmware snapshot or suspend states files are a copy of the Physical memory and are convertible into a Full Memory dump which of course is the bedrock of finding out root causes for issues like hangs/BSOD’s etc Below is a cool VMware fling called vmss2core that converts your .vmsn/.vmss […]

Creating Azure VM’s within Citrix Studio ? beware of the following naming contraints

Worth noting Azure virtual machine  naming constraints are different from Citrix Studio naming constraints. It is therefore possible to create Azure VMs with invalid names. To avoid this occurence, stick to the following rules for Azure Virtual machine names: o   Must contain between 3 and 15 characters o   Must contain only letters, numbers, and hyphens o   […]

Try this ‘ping’ replacement before?

One really cool and definitely useful cmdlet available in Windows Server 2012 R2 is Test-NetConnection.  If you run Test-NetConnection without any additional parameters, it will look to resolve to an external Microsoft address ( and will return information such as the IP, Internet alias, and RTT in milliseconds. This can save time when you need to check if a […]

Want to get a health check on your 2012 (incl r2) servers? try SPA

Server Performance Advisor Tool If looking for a free tool to do a health check on your systems, then you should take a look at the Microsoft Server Performance Advisor (SPA) tool; download version 3.0 from (you’ll need a Windows Live ID first). The goal of this tool is to help admins assess and […]