Windows VDI environment? getting poor performance on SCCM downloads?

Recently been tasked with migrating a fair ton of apps from Win7->10. One of the challenges in this space is testing. Previously with Windows 7 the guys worked on static persistent VM’s rolled out to testers to run their updated app through it’s paces. Few obvious problems with this approach I) Quite a bit of […]

Quick SCCM tip: how to check SCCM site server is up / down via PS cmdlet

Always handy when dealing in a large scale SCCM environment to have good controls in place for monitoring site server availability, of course from a day to day perspective if a site server was to exhibit issues users’ will probably let you know before you’d know but below is a simple PS cmdlet easily of […]

Good current System Center Orchestrator best practice : use MBPA

One commonly overlooked good practice to put in place for your SCO environment is to invoke the use of the Microsoft best practices analyzer which by default is not installed with Orchestrator and is a firm recommendation to help assess the health of your Orchestrator environment. First, you’ll need to download and install the Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer (MBCA) on the […]

How to recover SCCM 2012 site unattended!

Unattended Recovery of a Site Configuration Manager 2012 supports recovering a CAS and a primary site via the Setup Wizard. You can also recover these sites via an unattended recovery script. In order to use the unattended recovery solution you will need to create the .INI file that will be read by the Setup.exe application. The […]

Handy SC orchestrator optimization tip

SCO Optimization Based on my experience with using Orchestrator and something that very much depend on your usage its a good practice to either throttle your runbook activity up and down to ensure best performance. To do this need to look at Runbook Server Throttling which is set to run 50 Runbooks parallel by default maximum. Depending […]

SCCM 2012 SP1 Client,PVS images and duplicate GUIDs….

So, environment is: Citrix PVS 6.1 Hotfix 19 SCCM 2012 r2  Client (version : 5.00.7958.1000) installed in vDisk image Issue: Duplicate Guid’s for all target devices Fix: Followed the steps in No joy Did find this piece in addition to the above steps to fix In it mentions disabling the client authentication service […]