Want to get a health check on your 2012 (incl r2) servers? try SPA

Server Performance Advisor Tool If looking for a free tool to do a health check on your systems, then you should take a look at the Microsoft Server Performance Advisor (SPA) tool; download version 3.0 from http://tinyurl.com/ws2012spa (you’ll need a Windows Live ID first). The goal of this tool is to help admins assess and […]

2k12r2 Hosted shared desktop/RDSH image tip – how to clear server manager from running

One pesky thing you might notice from time to time when preparing a hosted shared desktop is by default on logon for a new user will see the server manager icon on the taskbar – as generally these users will be non-admin users never a reason to have it there. Quick and easy way to […]

Citrix UPM logon performance tip – Upgraded to a IE10 or later as your standard browser in your PD environment? clean up your cookies so!

In our environment we have a 6.5 farm running UPM 5.1, over the last couple of years migrated to Internet explorer 11 as part of our standard hosted shared build. One thing took us a little while in getting around to doing as part of housekeeping for this process was to clear off IE8 cookies […]

Citrix logon performance tip: Make sure to disable unused sections of GPO’s you are using

Pretty common tip but worth repeating – be surprised how many seconds you can shave off by doing it. To do: i) On the server you administer your GPO’s run gpmc.msc ii) Under group policy objects on the left-hand pane right-click on the group policy you want to amend and choose properties iii) Right-click on the group policy on […]

Want a way to get a *lot* of info from your windows command – use -format-list switch

Discovered this upon my travails regards a file and looking to find out some information I couldn’t procure from viewing its properties within windows explorer. The switch itself is available within powershell but is usable and just about every command you can think for me. For me it was especially useful in conjunction with dir […]

Tracert no more – for multi-homed NIC setups use pathping :)

Network traffic analysis with the Pathping command One weakness with the trace route (tracert) command has always been it doesn’t show you nic traffic flowing out which can be useful info in a multi-homed environment One command that has been used by network admins for years is trace route (tracert), but the output contains some information […]

Handy field tip: Double-clicks too responsive in 2008 r2/Win7 envir ? here’s the reghack to slow them down

Funny one this as have a published app which when navigating folders needed incredibly quick finger taps to browse through folders. So in essence simple to do for one user (via Control Panel | mouse | Double-click speed). To program in via GPO interestingly was a bit of a rabbit-hole at first to find, nothing obvious […]

IE settings going AWOL using Xenapp/RemoteApp published app? here’s maybe why

  Recently came across an issue were some GPO settings weren’t taking when launching published IE instances. Confusingly could launch the published desktop with the same IE instance and the settings would appear to take fine in IE. Issue manifested itself with application timeouts occurring etc, in my instance we had cookies set at medium […]

A timeout (30000 milliseconds) was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the termservice service.

A few posts about this one, can have a variety of fixes – in the instance I came across (environment : xenapp 6.5 servers, bare metal). Seen this issue caused by a xenapp 6.5 to 6.5 farm migration. Post migration systems would hang from time to time, users couldn’t connect via ICA / RDP. A […]

Field tip: Lync 2013 sharing issue in Xenapp 6.5 environment? check this out

Environment: Xenapp 6.5 HRP05 published desktops – supporting 20000 users across 2 data centres. Issue: Lync screen sharing failing between published desktop sessions between the 2 data centres – all ok within sessions that are occurring in the same data centre. Come across this posting http://www.vikenes.no/2012/06/lync-sharing-ends-due-to-network-issue And it pointed to a similar issue, spoke about […]