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Citrix Project Accelerator – Design phase

Yesterday kicked off a mock project assessment ( using the Citrix Project Accelerator tool to assess its strengths and weaknesses as a tool an SME might be able to yday. Covered the Assess phase which basically required me to input details about my environment.

Couple of items sprung out for me regards the design phase:

i) Hypervisor choice – interesting the citrix decision was to plump for vSphere. My inputs didn’t measure anything i didnt think that wouln’t warrant recommending their own hypervisor (XenServer)

ii) Updates – It appears like the choices haven’t been updated in a while. For instance XenClient is referenced even though that is EOL now also for Desktop OS choice it gave a recommendation to go Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 wasn’t even on the list.

That said i do think it would have value in at least providing some general recommendations that for the most part would be applicable to nearly all types of environments as a rough starting guide. Obviously scalability testing/more thorough application testing would help refine the figures somewhat.


Enclosed shots showing citrix recommendations made based on my inputs from previous.


Utilizing the Citrix Project Accelerator for my Pidgey Inc. project

Recently with dwindling resources have had to wear more and more “hats” in my day-to-day activities. One of which was technical project management. To that end recently sat the PRINCE2 foundation exam (squeaked it, phew!). One thing did like with the methodologies used around the PRINCE2 framework was its common sense approach. Wasn’t just a case of “paperwork for paperworks” sake.

With that in end wanted to take a look at creating a new environment in the lab (located in my Azure lab environment) and review the approach taken with the Citrix Project Accelerator(URL:

The Project accelerator is a tool that is mentioned early on in the Citrix Virtual Desktop Handbook (pg3) which is described as “an interactive online tool creating customized sizing and design recommendations based on the methodology, best practices and expert advice identified within this handbook”

To that end thought it would be fun to set up my dummy organization (Pidgey Inc. in this instance (Pokemon Go reference :)) and review the data coming out of the questionnaire.

For this piece will cover the Assess stage and follow up with the Design section next. citrix-project-accelerator-assessment-stage