Unable to start app-v client in Windows 10 (build 1603)?

Working on testing app-v packages using Flexera AdminStudio test machine facility (quite nifty actually) and by default was picking up errors using the App-v launcher relating to the app-v client service not being started. Manually starting the service didn’t bring any joy (another error with a -214 code). Fix for this was simple enough in […]

Getting “Aw, Snap!” on launch of google chrome in citrix environments?

See plenty of pain on this one in the field. Not quite sure what is going on with chrome as seen as same from my own machine. Anyways in order to circumvent message below which is what greets you launch simply need to do the following: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –no-sandbox –disable-infobars –disable-gpu ¬†Editing the shortcut […]

Windows VDI environment? getting poor performance on SCCM downloads?

Recently been tasked with migrating a fair ton of apps from Win7->10. One of the challenges in this space is testing. Previously with Windows 7 the guys worked on static persistent VM’s rolled out to testers to run their updated app through it’s paces. Few obvious problems with this approach I) Quite a bit of […]

Citrix tip: troubleshooting local host cache issues in Citrix 7.x environments

With the release of XenApp 7.1 a change to the FMA architecture meant that the local host cache (LHC) was effectively done away with. Over the course of the many upgrades in the 7.x version (up to version 13 at time of writing) citrix more and more re-integrated the “features” that came with the original […]

Hitting a ceiling on your VDI user count? Good time to review your user persona’s

Recently being carrying a review of our usage across the various desktop/application virtualization platforms and noticed an interesting trend in that our usage figures have pretty much tapered off as such “hitting a crossroads”. Was interesting in our instances for the following reasons: previously we had some nasty outages which obviously heavily impacted both user […]

Getting “the process cannot access the file because it is being locked by another process.” on logoff of citrix UPM managed desktop?

If running Citrix profile management 5.4 or earlier need to update to 5.4.1 https://www.citrix.com/downloads/xenapp/components/profile-management-541.html  

Nifty new MS cluster feature (2016 Server tech) – configure your own witness in the cloud

An interesting feature within W2k16 within the clustering framework is the cloud witness. Quorum maintenance being one of the most important parts of any cluster design. With DR can be a design challenge as MS recommend that the quorum is located in a 3rd data center. As a lot of companies operate using 2 data […]

Citrix XenApp How to utilize Citrix Policy Templates to provide most users per server ratio

Citrix XenApp How to utilize Citrix Policy Templates to provide most users per server ratio

Hyper-v tip: Adjust the shutdown time of your clustered host to avoid VM downtime issues

The benefit of doing this in a clustered environment when shutting down a node for maintenance there is always the risk that VM’s do not get live migrated in time before the node restarts. Adjusting the shutdown time gives more leg room for the node to evacuate all VM’s off it before restart. 15 minutes […]