vSphere 6.0 new features – vNuma enhancements

One of the key areas always keen to keep an eye on when VMware release a new version of vSphere is around the area of virtual machine enhancements. One attractive feature that comes with the new virtual machine hardware version (11 already by the way, can you believe it v4 only seems like yday) is around […]

Cluster Resource Pools – remember not to use them as folders!

So recently we came across a performance issue with a bunch of VM’s on one of our clusters. Turns out from doing so much digging that they all shared a common thread, they were part of the same resource pool. The net effect was the VM’s contained were being constrained for CPU over their non-resource […]

Ever need to view VSphere host utilization from a Windows guest VM? Here’s how

A while back got asked by one of the IT folks here if they could interrogate the current health of the host running the VM he was on. As it was a development environment thought maybe fair game. As it turns out it wasn’t too difficult to get the info. From : http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-50/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.vsphere.vm_admin.doc_50%2FGUID-0D73F44B-A586-41AD-B072-754548DEA1FE.html “Sending performance […]