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Getting black screen connecting to VMware View desktops?

Did come across this on the forums and seems fairly ubiquitous insofar as reports.


If you recently:

i) upgraded to version 6.0 Update 1 for ESXi

ii) Running the latest VMware Tools for View Desktops

iii) But have an older view agent installed

Will see in the PCOIP logs (<drive letter>\ProgramData\VMware\VDM\logs
LVL:0 RC:0 EXTERN :svga_devtap ==> second render failed: 0xc0000008

LVL:0 RC:0 EXTERN :svga_devtap ==> Error: screen dma failed

LVL:0 RC:0 IMG_FRONTEND :flip_frame_buffer: General flip error [1 results for 1 displays]: [4001, 0]

LVL:0 RC:-500 IMG_FRONTEND :open_displays(): Flip error in open display first flip.


Upgrade your View agent to the latest version (issue above occurred for me in Horizon 6.2 so latest View agent there and i was up and running).



ESXi tip: how to configure hosts to offload their logs to a collector server from the command line

Diagnostics information can be sent to a remote host instead, or in addition to the local store. This information is useful for troubleshooting host failures. Here is how to configure from the command prompt in 7 easy steps:

To configure hosts for Netdump with the command line, perform the following steps:

1.Open a console session to the host or connect remotely via SSH.
2.Review the current settings:
esxcli system coredump network get

3.Specify the outbound interface, IP address, and UDP port of the remote collector:
esxcli system coredump network set –interface-name –server-ipv4 –server-port PortNumber

4.Enable the configuration:
esxcli system coredump network set –enable true

5.Check the functionality of the collector server:
esxcli system coredump network check

6.Output in case of success should be as follows:
Verified the configured netdump server is running

7.Save the configuration permanently: