vCenter 6.5 tip: Enabling vCenter HA? do so when things are quiet in your environment

Picked up this useful tip from the vCenter Server HA performance and Best Practices guide (see – Will see on Pg 23 it will refer to the fact that: “As a best practice, it is highly recommended to pick a time period with a very light workload to enable VCHA. Otherwise, the newly cloned Passive […]

VCenter tip: Enhanced Link Mode and how to enable

Enhanced Linked Mode enables a single point of management across all vCenter Servers in the same vSphere Single Sign On (SSO) domain. Easier admin results as can look after multiple vCenter instances from one pane. To enable Enhanced Linked Mode, follow these steps: Ensure that Enhanced Linked Mode requirements are met: All PSCs are in […]

VCSA Tip: how to fix the “Error: VPXD must be stopped to perform this operation” message

Oftentimes will see the above message when working within the VCSA appliance and needing to carry out admin functions. To resolve: i) Logon to the console eg https:<appliancename:5480 and enter your administrator id and password ii) Click vCenter Server after logon iii) Click the Summary tab iv) Click on the Stop button to stop the server component If the above doesn’t […]

vCenter quick tip: Need to troubleshoot SIOC issues? here’s how to enable logging

In vSphere infrastructure storage as you probably know, I/O usage of virtual machines can be controlled by Storage I/O control (SIOC). In event of hitting issues good to enable logging to help resolve issues. Here’s how to enable SIOC logging from the vSphere client: Enter your vSphere web client URL and log in. Click Host and Configuration […]

vCenter DRS tip: Anyone used the cool online tool VM Resource and Availability Service?

If ever you encounter DRS issues in any of your vCenter cluster environments may need to get a DRS dump file generated in order to troubleshoot the issue. The file itself is called drmdump and contains various calculations that DRS uses to measure possible benefits to migrate VM’s. Locations for these files: vCenter Server Appliance /var/log/vmware/vpx/drmdump/clusterName […]

vCenter tip: housekeeping tips for your vCenter Server Database

If using a small/medium vCenter setup may well be using a Postgres database to get you by. Good to run a check on it from time to time. Standard operations include: Performing regular backups Monitoring log growth and compact when needed Although as part of its own day-to-day operations space is automatically reclaimed sometimes you may […]

Really quick and easy vSphere VM disk monitoring tip – use stacked graphs

Really quick and easy vSphere VM disk monitoring tip – use stacked graphs One handy tip if looking to find the “culprit” VM off a host when assessing which one is causing the IO issues is to use the “stacked graph” functionality that comes in vCenter. It gives a really quick and easy graphical representation of […]

Hitting vCenter 5.x performance issues? check your tomcat setup

Common enough one on the VMware forums this but worth regurgitating as often the database is felt to blame for slowdowns,  

vCenter tip: Getting Insufficient heartbeat datastores message for your cluster? here’s how to inhibit

Might see this error in vCenter “The number of vSphere HA heartbeat datastores for this host is 1 which is less than required 2.” Ideally, you should look to add an additional datastore to stop this error appearing. If however you do not have the hardware available to do this. You can also stop the […]