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Some VMware ThinApp troubleshooting tips

Just some i’ve found useful when troubleshooting ThinApp packages i’ve put together.

  1. Launch from the command prompt your application. Is a good determiner of whether you have an entry point issue or not eg i) Run cmd.exe ii) go to folder for application eg c:\program files (x86)\winzip iii) launch winzip.exe – if the app launches ok, indicates something is wrong with the entry point. Check the WorkingDirectory and CommandLine parameters.
  2. Move suspected files into the support folder: if the application crashes, its sometimes due to the fact that captured DLL’s are not supported to run in certain OSes.
  3. Package registration: certain apps needs to be registered to be fully functional. Run thinreg.exe to register the package on your test machine.
  4. Modify the process name behavior: some apps don’t work when they cannot find its processes listed in taskmgr when running. Worth noting here that ThinApp packages hide the original process names. Add ProcessExternalNameBehavior=original to your package.ini and the processes names will be listed