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Want to road test Azure RemoteApp ? here’s how in 6 easy steps

Want to test Azure RemoteApp ? here’s how in 6 easy steps

Requirements-wise just need an MSDN subscription, if looking to go production there are no up-front costs and no termination fees with this service. Payment for Azure is based on the services you consume. Depending on what resource you are running in Azure each will carry a different charge.

So when testing RemoteApp first thing that needs to be done is to create your RemoteApp Service. To do follow these steps:

  1. Login to your MS azure subscription and on the portal page, click the New button. Then click App Services, RemoteApp, Quick Create to set up the RemoteApp service (see below)
  2.  rem
  3. In the Name box, give your RemoteApp service a name that suits your requirements
  4. In the Region list, click the region closest to you to maximize performance
  5. In the Plan list, click Basic or Standard, depending on the number of remote users your service will serve, if you are testing Basic should see.
  6. In the Template Image list, for testing a good one to use is the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 template image, which is available by default.
  7. Click Create RemoteApp Collection and away you go!