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Citrix HTML5 receiver tip: client time zone issues?

While back (probably 9 months or so) kicked off a project which was to cover a specific use in our environment whereby we had field-based workers utilizing customer laptops whose corporate policy was to not have the citrix receiver installed.

With that in mind for them to get their VDI in here simplest step was to utilize the HTML5 receiver which worked well. Only caveat over time was related to client time zone redirection really didn’t work. Thankfully unbeknownst to me most of had some traction from the folks in citrix and an update was subsequently released (2.2)


Subsequently (2.3) has been released just week or so back


which comes some thinwire enhancements. Haven’t tested that version yet but can say that time zone issue has thankfully been fixed (at least for our environment) with the release of 2.2.



You’ve upgraded to StoreFront 3.5. You find your iPad’s have stopped working with the updated HTML5 receiver what gives?

Hit this very scenario this week, was at a bit of a loss and had a nagging feeling we had few options as officially iPad’s (or more specifically their OSes) are not on the supported list for using the HTML5 receiver. Thanks be that in the end all was well, if folks do encounter same as per Michael’s you may have to directly specify “light” in the “change receiver” option on the storefront landing page. More details enclosed.