vCenter tip: housekeeping tips for your vCenter Server Database

If using a small/medium vCenter setup may well be using a Postgres database to get you by. Good to run a check on it from time to time. Standard operations include: Performing regular backups Monitoring log growth and compact when needed Although as part of its own day-to-day operations space is automatically reclaimed sometimes you may […]

Citrix Desktop Director – how to hide visibility of running apps in the Activity Manager

A common enough query in any large scale deployment of Desktop Director will be to inhibit the applications tab from listing running applications which by default the activity manager in Director displays. This feature is available by default to Full administrator, Help Desk Administrator and Delivery Group administrator. To inhibit do the following, as ever […]

XenApp Servers and Maintenance Mode behaviour

This is a bit of a “gotchya” but more of a “RTFM” on my part. On some test XenApp 7.6 systems i’d setup when i’d put their delivery group into maintenance mode –> shut them down and do maintenance work noticed what i thought was rather peculiar behaviour when taking the delivery group out of […]

Citrix Xenapp tip: how to find what disabled applications you have via PS

Although Citrix AppCenter is a fine and well established management console for XenApp do find it can be a little unwieldy from a “search” point of view. One such example is looking for what published applications you may have disabled in your farm. As such there is no way to find this out in one […]

Try this ‘ping’ replacement before?

One really cool and definitely useful cmdlet available in Windows Server 2012 R2 is Test-NetConnection.  If you run Test-NetConnection without any additional parameters, it will look to resolve to an external Microsoft address ( and will return information such as the IP, Internet alias, and RTT in milliseconds. This can save time when you need to check if a […]

Citrix tip: No more LogOffCheckSysModules madness

When running a health check report(more details see: on my test Citrix XenApp 6.5 farm (I know, sad :)) noticed this little trinket come up as an “alert action”. “New Citrix Group policy setting “Graceful session logoff: ignore process” was added to easily manage and configure the list of processes that can be ignored for graceful […]

Want to get a health check on your 2012 (incl r2) servers? try SPA

Server Performance Advisor Tool If looking for a free tool to do a health check on your systems, then you should take a look at the Microsoft Server Performance Advisor (SPA) tool; download version 3.0 from (you’ll need a Windows Live ID first). The goal of this tool is to help admins assess and […]

Citrix tip: ever need to rebuild your citrix license server? v.careful with hostname

Recently on the discussions a poster bought up they have been encountering issues post citrix license server rebuild. The user may see the following error when trying to connect: “Citrix XenApp license acquisition error (-25): Unable to acquire a license from (<server name>) server. Please contact your system administrator or open Event Viewer for more details.” […]

Getting launch problems on your Win10 v7.6-7 VDA’s? check out

Recently seen this gather traction on the forums of which citrix is actively working on a permanent fix. If users’ are complaining of issues appearing to launch their windows VDI but never actually launch and it be a relatively recent occurence check out following article: Certainly worth checking or if said microsoft patches have […]

Really quick and easy vSphere VM disk monitoring tip – use stacked graphs

Really quick and easy vSphere VM disk monitoring tip – use stacked graphs One handy tip if looking to find the “culprit” VM off a host when assessing which one is causing the IO issues is to use the “stacked graph” functionality that comes in vCenter. It gives a really quick and easy graphical representation of […]