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Quick and handy AppDNA tip: Experiencing locks running analysis? here’s where to release them

Doing some bulk analysis of apps recently and server experienced a crash. After coming back up and trying to do a re-analysis of the apps i got a “task locked” message trying to re-run.

Luckily didn’t need to chase up a DBA to release the lock from the SQL console option handily available from AppDNA console. To do click Administration | Tasks and in there will see the option to Release Locks click the offending task and release and your good to go.


Citrix AppDNA tip: having install troubles with your Desktop Client?


Have a really beefy project land on my lap relating to application migrations and Windows 10 so looking to utilize AppDNA (version 7.11) to assist. With that in mind wanted to install the AppDNA Desktop Client on my machine in order to have quick and easy access but hit issues with the install.

Trying to install the Desktop Client and getting a cannot start Application message “Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor”

If I click Details down in the error summary section it gives an error

Failed to load the runtime. (Exception from HResult: 0x80131700)

Had a google about and a lot of posts seem related to .Net Framework issues.

Noticed had .Net Framework 4.51 already installed on the system and was on the supported .Net Framework versions.

Noticed too that .Net 4.6 .1 (URL was supported, downloaded and installed it and what you know worked a charm :).

Hope shaved a few mins off someones day mucking about looking for a fix.



Nice Citrix AppDNA 7.9 vid’

If you happen to be lucky enough to be a Citrix Platinum level customer will be lucky enough to have AppDNA in your toolkit.

Nice video covering the piece’s. Interesting product as its uses extend far beyond the application virtualization space. For example if you have a separate Application Packaging team covering desktop-based apps will still have the same obvious benefits. Definitely one of Citrix’s best acquisitions.