Getting black screen connecting to VMware View desktops?

Did come across this on the forums and seems fairly ubiquitous insofar as reports. Symptoms If you recently: i) upgraded to version 6.0 Update 1 for ESXi ii) Running the latest VMware Tools for View Desktops iii) But have an older view agent installed Will see in the PCOIP logs (<drive letter>\ProgramData\VMware\VDM\logs LVL:0 RC:0 EXTERN :svga_devtap ==> second render […]

Big Windows 10 ESXi VM’s taking AGES to boot?

Couple of symptoms here: i) Running ESXi 6.0 ii) Running with the maximum amount of RAM and vCPU count This was an interesting one insofar it would only occur if if you had updated the VM’s to use above. VM’s would upwards to an hour to boot. Fix Upgrade to ESXi 6.0 patch 1 (build […]

Quick windows 2008 r2 tip: how to enable multiple monitors in 3 ways

Quite simple this one – thought picture would say a 1000 words and all that. On the left hand side is the configuration from within the MSTSC GUI, the middle is obviously command-line and on the right is if you need to configure within an .RDP file

ESXi quick tip: determine which VM is locking your file

  Recently had an issue starting one of my VM’s up in the lab. Turns out one of the disks had a lock in play. A lock on the .vmdk file can prevent a virtual machine from starting. However, since virtual machine disk files can be configured for use with any virtual machine, the file […]

VSphere 6 / PVS target devices not booting? Here’s what to check

ESXi VM hardware versions 10 and 11 include a SATA controller for CD/DVD by default. If the SATA and SCSI controller are present on the PVS Target Device, the target will fail to boot. PVS relies on the SCSI controller, SATA is the only one that can be removed. To resolve this issue, change the […]

ESXi tip: how to configure hosts to offload their logs to a collector server from the command line

Diagnostics information can be sent to a remote host instead, or in addition to the local store. This information is useful for troubleshooting host failures. Here is how to configure from the command prompt in 7 easy steps: To configure hosts for Netdump with the command line, perform the following steps: 1.Open a console session […]

XenApp 7.7 Delivery controller issue – having comms issues getting to the license server?

Recently came across this in my lab where i had 2 sites set up (azure) in opposing continents – one in Europe and in the Americas. The license server i had located in the Americas data center. The delivery controller located in the European data center would from time to time have issues connecting to […]

Citrix/hypervisor tip: users complaining of slow performance but network connection/memory/CPU seem fine???

Very interesting chestnut came across this week with relation to the above. So from the top: Environment ESXi 5.5 cluster (running a variety of U’s 1 and 2 – i know, bad boy should be on the same revision) Citrix Xenapp 6.5 (HRP06 + recommended patches) published desktops Standard spec 32gb RAM – 8gb write […]

Handy Citrix Profile Management tip: if user store is unavailable do this

Sometimes, with the best will in the world hardware will fail, and yes sometimes even “redundancy” eg RAID and what not won’t cover – if i had a quid for every instance i’ve seen failures for seemingly covered-across-the-board from a fault tolerant and something will fall down, whether its the controller or UPS causing a […]