Month: February 2017

Citrix WI tip: Need more visibility to errors?

Noticed an issue internally with a legacy farm we have still in place – its also still using legacy Web interface boxes (5.4) as their front end.

Was getting error :

Internal Error

The Web site is experiencing technical difficulties. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Nothing showed up anywhere, event viewer etc.
Bit baffled and knew needed to get some details of what was going on. To do needed to get more info from IIS. In order to open up more logging did the following:
i) Edited the web.config file for the site we used (under c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\sitename)
ii) Edited the line
<customErrors mode=”On” defaultRedirect=”~/html/serverError.html”>
and changed it to
<customErrors mode=”Off” defaultRedirect=”~/html/serverError.html”>
iii) Save file
iv) do a IISRESET for the changes to take effect.
After that when i launched the site it gave permission error messages. Of course errors might be different depending on the scenario but instructive to know how to open up the IIS logging. Worth resetting back too once your finished

Citrix XA 7.12 W2k16 Published Desktop launch issues


Whenever a user tries to launch the published application from receiver from within the published desktop (vda) they get the following error

Been testing this in our development environment.

So have 2 Delivery Groups:

i) For Excel

ii) Published desktop

Running receiver 4.6.

When launching the published app from within the published desktop getting:

‘Cannot connect to the Citrix Xenapp Server. ┬áThere is no Citrix Xenapp server configured on the specified address’

If i try connecting to the published app from a laptop on the LAN no issues.

Found this on the forums:

And indeed as per Daniel’s post reverting to receiver 4.5 resolved the issue. Have ticket in with Citrix Support as doubtless no coincidence but thought i’d give a heads up if folks had come across this one.

Citrix tip: having XenDesktop 7.12 upgrade troubles?

So was looking at getting our lab boxes up from their current 7.11 to the latest and greatest (is it me or is the upgrade churn from citrix accelerating?).

Had an issue post reboot it kept giving me a “mandatory upgrade” loop ? luckily it being Friday by google luck held up and stumbled on this CTX article – so indeed in my instance FIPS as at play and was enabled so was able to disable as I was operating from a lab but in the enterprise one to bear in mind if it is enabled as no permanent fix in till 7.13